RubberSuit Studios specializes in painted illustrations.  We will do books, magazines, newspapers, tattoos, ads, typesetting, graphic design, website graphics, anything you can think of.  We do in all styles.  We specialize in solutions for non-profits, charities, and small businesses.  We will beat any price.  You may also purchase or license any image in this gallery.  Please contact us for more information.

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The Right To Bear Arms

This piece is a comment of the gun law of the United States, Rock Rag.

Community Autism Resources Promotional Materials

This is the brochure for the Non Profit Community Autism Resources.

Community Autism Resources Promotional Materials

A Poster for a recent Conference

Acutal Image

Also licensed for a Conneticut Post article on Autism

All Apologies: Homage to Kurt Cobain

This piece was done after the death of Kurt Cobain for a Providence Phoenix Article.

Promotional Materials for Comikazi Comics

Logo, and eventually became a sign.

Comikazt part II

The Hanged Man

This one was of a set of Tarot Card style of Illustrations. This is the Hanged Man and deals with the JFK Assassination

American Racist

This piece deals with Racism

The Tower

Another Tarot Piece, the Tower, deals with the Holocaust


Yet another Tarot peice dealing with HIV/AIDs

The Fool

Another Tarot Piece, the Fool, is about drug addiction

JRR Tolkein

Portrait of Tolkein


WWII, Illustration

SlotsAnswerMan's Beginners Guide to Black Jack

Playing card, down side

SlotsAnswerMan's Beginners Guide to Black Jack

Playing card, up side

Crap Vacuum

Album Cover

Celtic Inspired Butterfly

Tattoo Design

Oil Junkies

Political Cartoon

The More Things Change . . .

Political Cartoon

RubberSuit Studios

New Paper Ad.

Concert Poster

Angry Piper

Illustration for


Baseball Team Logo

Mr. Rubbersuitman

In the Bruce Timm Style

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