The Cthulhu Chick Tract

This is The Cthulhu Chick Tract if you are not familiar with what this is, let me explain.  This is a PARODY of work by a very famous ultra conservative Christian Cartoonist, famous for his religious pamphlets or tracts.  His name is Jack Chick.  As you can see by his "propaganda" he spews a fundamentalist Christian hatred for everything from Catholicism and Islam to Evolution and Homosexuality.  The cartoon has been threatened by legal action, but you know you me.  If I am going to publish the Mohammed Cartoons, I am going to post this.  This is for all the Sprite and Cut and Paste webcomics of the world!  Enjoy, and see you in court, I have the ACLU on my side!






By: Howard Hallis and special assistance, Jack Chick
© RubberSuit Studios